Why I Started a Blog

Finally, I had the motivation to start writing a personal blog. Countless moments of pondering, planning and procrastinating this blog was born, though it wasn't an easy task. Particularly, the trouble was choosing the right platform, while also considering the technical quirks, blog design and most importantly: the ease of setup. I wasn't going to install everything manually, namely databases, domains, CSS, and everything in-between. Additionally, I most definitely wasn't too keen on spending too much dough on it.

After thorough research and testing—insert Write.as. Setting up the blog was with minimal effort and joy, the design is just perfect, and they respect user privacy. Being a minimalist at heart, the blog is just what I ordered. It is simple, without useless clutter and information, and only plain ol' black text on white background.

Now that everything is ready to roll, I shall scribble whatever comes to my mind—sharing my ideas, experiences, advice et cetera. Slowly and carefully, I will plan my words and messages into interesting posts. Though, I won't be specializing into any given topic, since I have always been interested in myriad of different subjects. After all, this is just a personal blog, nothing more.

Hopefully, you like what I write, as I go on about rambling and tackling about stuff. This blog is for me to rant, vent and share stuff in written form for a broader audience. That is why I started blogging.

#meta #blogging