The First Exams Are Over

It was Sunday. I was recovering from a minor headache. I had enjoyed probably few too many vodka shots at friend's place the day before. The deadline for a research paper assignment was due very soon and I hadn't had a slightest clue where to start and what to write of. The laundry machine alerted “Houston, we have a problem” keeping my only underwear hostage until noon, when I finally found the hidden emergency lever. The exam week was tomorrow...

Indeed, my spirits were dampened and stress was about take a hold of me, if only momentarily. For cooking the next week's lunch, a juicy macaroni casserole that reminded me of home, I regained energy and was ready to make a comeback. The plan for the next week was simple: sit on an uncomfortable chair and study all day, every day.

During the middle of the week my roommate told I had a strange odor on me. Apparently, my feet stenched of an old fish and soy sauce. I had caused a local biohazard incident and my roommate thought I ought to be quarantined. He cursed in Finnish that I had taught him, and opened the windows for fresh air. Thanks buddy.

To combat stress, I took advantage of real life biological hacks: endorphin and dopamine. I listened motivational music, enjoyed liters of coffee and three bars of dark chocolate. I did some good old-fashion pushups too. That really relieved the stress, let me tell you!

I recapped previously learned information for there was literally no time to study new material. It was the moment of truth: either I knew my stuff or I didn't.

I faced four different exams: little bit of history and basics on psychology, some math and a test on SPSS, a computer software for statisticians. Indeed, psychology analyzes behavioral variability hence the focus on math. Beware.

The exams consisted of 40 or 50 multiple-choice questions. The questions were surprisingly easy to read and do. They required little logical reasoning and more memory skills, apart from calculating math, of course. Some questions resembled that of a Gilderoy Lockhart's test from Harry Potter. I am starting to doubt nothing compares to the entrance exams for psychology in Finland. That exam still gives me the creeps.

Finishing the last exam felt like Frodo finally seeing the ring destroyed. To celebrate the finals, me and my buddy enjoyed a big greasy burger meal after which I headed home to enjoy the rest of the weekend. All in all, the exams went well and I am satisfied.

For the next month, I look for a new home, continue studies, and finish the research paper. Then, I will be flying back to Finland, and at last, I get to see family and friends, enjoy sauna, eat gingerbread and drink glogg!