I was five or maybe six-years-old when I begun to understand what money means. First we had Finnish markka and Estonian kroons. Then we had euros and kroons, and later only euros. I remember as a little kid thinking myself why the world does not have money that everybody would use: a global money. Well now there is. It is called Bitcoin.


Olin viisi- tai ehkä kuusivuotias kun aloin ymmärtää, mitä raha tarkoittaa. Meidän perheessämme liikkui ensin markkoja ja krooneja, sitten euroja ja krooneja, ja myöhemmin vain euroja. Muistan, kun joskus pienenä mietin itsekseni, miksi maailmassa ei ole rahaa, jota kaikki ihmiset käyttäisivät: maailmanlaajuinen raha. No nyt on. Sen nimi on Bitcoin.


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Second Semester of Peace Studies First Semester of Peace Studies Peace, Mediation, and Conflict Research


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My expedition in the Netherlands had a few leisure activities too apart from all the exhaustive house search. As an avid cryptocurrency advocate, part of the plan was to find the one the café that accepted Bitcoin in Amsterdam — Wijs en Zonen, recommended by a redditor, 4 years ago. The mission was to buy my first Bitcoin coffee.